Engineering and R&D Secure Systems Integration Services

RNT performs the following works:

1. Information system modeling:

  • Study of the existing organization functional structure;
  • Study of the existing organization business processes;
  • Identification of requirements for modeled business processes;
  • Modeling the required business processes;
  • Mapping business processes to application functions;
  • Identification of requirements for data access control;
  • Identification of requirements for reports;
  • Identification of requirements for data conversion;
  • Identification of object to secure (architecture, processes, data);
  • Identification of security system performance targets;
  • Development of threat, violator and security models;
  • Implementation of a set of requirements in technological solutions.

2. Information system functional and technical architecture:

  • Portal access;
  • Document management;
  • Information analytical processing;
  • Multimedia processing;
  • Data management;
  • Collective displaying management;
  • Functioning management;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Communication and data exchange.

3. Information security tools in information systems:

  • Identification and authentication;
  • Access control to functions and data;
  • Security events log;
  • Integrity management;
  • Cryptographic protection;
  • Anti-virus protection;
  • Security management.

4. Special works:

  • Software case studies: protection from unauthorized access, protection against undocumented features, non-affection on security tools;
  • Conducting special studies and inspections;
  • Conducting certification (attestation) testing of information system.

5. Preparation of informational support object:

  • Engineering security;
  • Technical channel security: TEMPEST, acoustic, vibro-acoustic, visual and optical.

6. Information security operation support:

  • Information security control;
  • Job descriptions;
  • Design and operational documents;
  • Certificate (conclusion) of compliance;
  • Operation support;
  • Personnel training;
  • Audit and updating of regulatory documents.

RNT developed or participated in the development of the following classes of secure information systems:

  • Information retrieval systems; 
  • Electronic document flow and records management; 
  • Electronic archives;
  • Organization resource management systems;
  • CAD systems;
    Information-analytical systems;
  • Decision support systems;
  • Video conferencing and digital telephony systems;
  • Multimedia information processing systems;
  • Case and control centers.