Areas of Activity

The RNT Company (CJSC RNT since 1993) is a Russian system integrator and developer of certified information security tools. The company specializes in designing, commissioning and maintenance of secure automated information and telecommunications systems, implements projects of any complexity and scale for both state institutions and private businesses.

The Company offers cost-effective technical solutions and high-quality services that provide:

The RNT approach implies the comprehensive and systematic ensuring security of a customer information system or website. It makes it possible to provide both the customer goal achievement and enterprise management protection at all levels. All the necessary technical and organizational security measures are taken ranging from risk assessment and development of information security policies to manufacturing and integration of software and hardware tools and engineering solutions for information security.

RNT is proud of its achievements in scientific research in the field of organizational and technical security solutions that have been undertaken for the company customers for over twenty years. Due to this experience and high competence of its specialists, including four doctors of sciences and thirty five candidates of sciences, RNT occupies a unique position as a developer of security systems at federal scale based on its own technologies and developments.

The RNT specialists provide a set of operations and services at all stages of the information system and website life cycle:

SURVEY AND ANALYSIS OF CUSTOMER INFORMATION SYSTEMS: information security audit for compliance with Russian Central Bank Standards for Information Security of Bank System Organizations and PCI DSS; study and audit of system security using special technical tools; information security risk assessment.

CHOOSING THE SOLUTION: the development of concepts for informational support and information security, determination of the current threat list, development of violator models and security policies; comparison of possible design solutions, feasibility study and selection of the optimal variant.

DESIGNING: integrated geographically distributed automated information systems in a secure implementation; comprehensive information security systems; systems of engineering and technical protection of facilities (buildings, areas and events); Certification Authorities based on public key infrastructure; secure Internet access nodes and secure portals; GIS applications; provision and monitoring of environmental and technological safety.

IMPLEMENTATION of certified information security tools and facilities, including those produced by the Company itself.

SPECIAL STUDIES of hardware and components, including the foreign made ones, in accordance with regulatory documents of the Russian Federation regulatory authorities.

MAINTENANCE: technical support, warranty and service of the Company own products; computer system software and hardware support; information security subsystem support.